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In the section Web of new features they are all the contests on sudokus that there is by Internet, television and press.


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If you are of the people who todavia you do not know because people destroy her neurons finishing these pastimes go by the section How to play?


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New features

Off topic

In case some users arrives through google at this page and wants to return to visit it, the direction Web to enter is:

Sudoku Shop

There is in the network a store of sudokus: the shop have a lot of different articles: books, calendars, electronic games, shirts, postcards, greeting cards ... The last article are kakuro's books Kakuro's Books.

Sudoku Tricky 5x5 Jigsaw de Sudoku World

I have received this small sudoku. Entertained and quite at first sight simple. In order to see you visit it the following link: Tricky 5x5 Jigsaw.

Sudoku: Christmas tree

With the arrival of Christmases I have run into with this peculiar sudoku with form of tree of Christmas. Look in the numbers that form the branches. Ahah. Now it is called on to you to solve it.

New variants: Samurai X y sudoku secuential

It has appeared a vriant of samurai sudoku X (similar to sudoku X) and sudoku secuential (secuencial) that consist in various sudokus linked. If you want information visit the page on Samurai X and the web of Sudoku secuential.

Kakuro web

I have found one of best webs on kakuro in english. Its rules, techniques of resolution, software programs, forums, puzzles, etc...


Article at the Magazine of "el mundo"

I send a link to you that I see: an article of the magazine "magazine" that comes with the newspaper "el mundo" the weekends. The article deals with on the different creator sudoku, his filosofia, his company and puzzles that it publishes. Go to web.

Tecnicas simple and outposts of resolution of Sudokus

In the section as to play they have been added tecnicas simple and outposts for the resolution of sudokus:

I hope that it serves to you as help.
In order to see the tecnicas go to the section "how play".

Sudoku para niños (sudoku for kids)

There are many simple variants of sudokus so that kids can begin to move their neurons. A variant very curious is KOKONOTSU SUPERSUDOKU (known as MAGICNINE & USASUDOKU)

It a game very simple: a board 4x4 with figures of colors that can be repeated neither in rows nor in columns.

The web of the game is and for play click at here

Oneother link

I have found blog that it publishes Sudokus free daily to print or to play online. The Web SudokusWeb is called and also promoted the game sudoku in java for your mobile.
Web Page:

You can download the game for mobile being commanded 5 sms (it is indicated at the end of the page). If sms costs1'20 Euros the download cost 6 Euros...

Much better go to the section of downloads and unload FREE java sudoku game.

New links added

At links section i add a new web page about sudoku in spanish

Pastime Kakuro (III)

There is a new section "kakuro daily". there will appear daily the Kakuro section everyday 2 daily kakuros. Enjoy with this new pastime. Kakuro daily

Pastime Kakuro (II)

We sent the link to you of kakuro of impossible level. They are for experts in this type of pastimes. Ale! to be divided the horns.

kakuro imposible 1 - kakuro imposible 2 - kakuro imposible 3

Links and games obteinde from

Pastime Kakuro (I)

Kakuro, also known like Kakro or Cross Sum, it is a variant logico pastime of sudoku. It has very simple rules:

1. To place I number from the 1 to the 9 in each cell
2. The sum of each horizontal and vertical block must be equal to I number that it appears in the part superior or to the left of that block.
3. The numeros only can be used once in each block

Top KaKuRo is a variant of popular the Sudoku pastimes in which, besides to relate numbers, you will have to obtain specific sums in each one of its ends. Using a board of game divided in different squares, the objective of the game is to be able to find the distribution of numbers correct to add the amounts reflected in the limits of the game board.

It has a numeric keypad of support with that you will be able to make agile the entrance of the numbers, three levels of difficulty, functions to mark squares, to undo movements and to solve boards. All an interesting variant of the pastimes fashionable.

It has developed several programs to play the Kakuro, we put to continuation several connections to you so that podais to enjoy this puzzle:

TopKakuro : Download program
TopKakuro in spanish: Download program

New variant - sudoku harakiri

The newspaper la opinion de zamora [edition online] publish in its dominical of Sunday sudoku harakiri: 8 sudokus in single puzzle. It is as if 2 were sudokus samurais with two sudokus common.


To fill up the rows, columns and cells with all the numbers from the 1 to the 9 without repetitions, to finish off this pastime of unique solution formed by eight sudokus chained. Row is the line of nueves squares that go of right to left. Column is the line of nine squares that goes from top to bottom. Cell is each one of the nine squares of nine squares delimited by heavy lines but. The greater challenge published in the Spanish press, so much patience. We recommended to begin by the power stations, sudoku 3 and the 6, that count on more references.

If you want to download it click here and print 13 page. Enjoy!

New sudoku killer solver (solucionador)

I have found by Internet a page where you can be unloaded a Solver to be able to solve nobody sudoku Killer also called samunamupure, the application also has the classic version of the Sudoku for which you do not dare with the Killer sudoku. At the page he way of use of the program is explained of clear way.

If you want to solve the Sudoku Killer of periodic the WORLD ("el mundo") of the next Sunday with the pulsation of a pair of keys, you do not wait for more and descárgate the best Solver and in Castilian.

For this go to web :
And if you want to download the program go directly here.

New game of UK newspaper

The Independent (UK newspaper) publisha un sudoku 16 x 16 every saturday With prizes such as ipod or algun new device electronic for the first correct solutions. Also one or two months publishes a book with puzzles each that contain puzzles 16 16 xs puzzles

Link to the online paper version:

Web page in several languages :

Taking advantage of the versatility Google. The pagina Web to several languages has been translated. In the right superior part of the pagina there are flags that take to the translation that corresponds: ingles, Castilian, Portuguese, frances, German, Italian, koreano, japones and Chinese.

English Spanish Portuguese French German Italian Korean Japanese chinese
Translated by Google

Paper to solve killer sudoku:

In order to solve to killer sudoku a leaf with all the possible combinations is very util. You can unload it from here. Download help killer sudoku .

Link in english: Here
Link in spanish: Aqui

New Sudokus Killer :

I have found in this pagina Web several sudokus to killer with graficas solutions that little by little are indicating and reasoning as puzzle is solved. I send this connection to you so that podais to see it.

Link in english: Here
Link in spanish: Aqui

Geometry sudoku :

a variant with copyright of Miyuki Misawa. He is sudoku classic with the diference that the 9 squares happen to be 9 poligons. Look at the image:

For more information and downloads
Link in english: Here
Link in spanish: Aqui

Special Halloween - Announcement of a Web of sudoku online: shows to five new puzzles sudoku every day, changing of difficulty from facil to diabolic. There is a file with hundreds of puzzles.

The site includes a solver online that can give tracks and solve step by step with explanations. The validity can be used lapiz marks, be checked and supports multiple to undo. The group can be shown in 3 different sizes, if you have a very high resolution of screen you do not have feel cross-eyed with a tiny screen.

Puzzles can be print from the page or you can use button "print" to print of 1 to 5 sizes.Try it!

Link web:

First codedoku in Spanish

I have received an email of Steve Schaefer comunicandonme if podria to help him to create first codedoku in Spanish. Then after hours codedoku has sent me this. After its resolution you will find a phrase hidden. I hope that you divirtais. To follow the instructions following:

Put each one of letters D, and, Or, P, Q, R, S and U exactly once in each row, column and box. To part of the 8 previous letters there will be a square emptiness in each row, column and box. When you have finished the puzzle, the shaded squares will form a message hidden read of the left to the right, and of above to down. Luck with this puzzle.

In order to see codedoku in Spanish it sees this web.
And to see english codedokus

Flickr Sudoku

Flickr Sudoku is an application Web that allows us to generate Sudokus with lodged photographies of in Flickr. But what is Flickr? Flickr is a Web site of organization of digital photographies and social network. (Wikipedia) If you want to do your flickr Sudoku sees this web

The news and extraido text of

Color Sudoku

Color sudoku is a rare variant of sudoku. The squares do not compose numbers, compose different colors that they cannot be repeated in the subcells. As if asign to each I number from the 1 to the 9 a different color.

Variant extrat from:

¿Magic Sudoku?

The Magic Sudoku is a variant of sudoku traditional. It is characterized to add to the restrictions of sudoku original the following ones:

Each main diagonal also contains the numbers from the 1 to the 9 without repetition (like the quadrants, rows and columns).

In each quadrant it only appears an only number. Colored cells exist, the numbers that are in these cells must have an equal or inferior value to the number of colored cells of the quadrant in which they are.

If you want to play with this new type of sudoku: Download.

And Another variant: Monster Sudoku.

MonsterSudoku, Monster sudoku, the beast sudoku... 5x5 is sudoku with cells of 5x5 squares = 25x25 squares. Within each cell it is necessary to rellenear with letters ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY a true headache. Single for intelligent. If you want to play with this new type of sudoku: Monster Sudoku.

Another variant: DosDoku.

two doku, twodoku or two-doku... Similar to sudoku samurai but with two sudokus that is overlapped. If you want to see these puzzles go this web.

Daily Sudoku Samurai.

In the daily section sudoku samurai we have put links to a Web that publishes daily sudoku samurai (also called Gattai-5) and has a historial file with a pile of them. I hope that they serve to you.

New variant: Code-Doku.

Codedoku, codigo-doku or codigodoku... With a estetica I cosay gives vinci appears this new variant of sudoku. The new game consists of filling up each one of the 9 subcells that contain 9 squares with 9 letters that are provided when beginning the game.

Once this finishing can be discovered a secret code: you read of left to right and up to down the squares that emphasize in yellow and contain the secret letters.

Code-doku has invented it Steve Schaefer. You can see puzzles of him at

New Downloads.

In the section of downloads we left a great lot of sudokus of easy level, medium, hard and professional... A true pile of sudokus.Enjoy! Go Downloads

Grids: Grid for sudokus.

We left these grids to you so that podais to make yours sudokus.

Grid Sudoku
Grid Sudoku Samurai

web Link:

Nueva variant of sudoku: 'Killer Samurai' Sudoku.

This new variant is one combination of sudoku samurai (5 sudokus in one) + sudoku killer (that does not have numbers, has the sum of certain cells). Next I leave to the connection and the 3 solutions you of 'Killer Samurai' Sudoku.

Killer Samurai

Sudokus killer samurai
'Killer Samurai' Sudoku 1
'Killer Samurai' Sudoku 2
'Killer Samurai' Sudoku 3
'Killer Samurai' Sudoku 1 Solucion (solution)
'Killer Samurai' Sudoku 2 Solucion (solution)
'Killer Samurai' Sudoku 3 Solucion (solution)

Source of the news:

Daily Sudoku, sudoku Killer and Sudoku Samurai.

As of this month in the sections daily Sudoku, Sudoku daily Samurai and Sudoku daily Killer you would apear every day different sudokus (sudoku, sudoku killer, sudoku samurai, etc) to download, to print and to solve:P. In order to see sudokus daily kitchen maid in daily Daily Sudoku, Daily Sudoku Killer y Daily Sudoku Samurai.

Desafio Sudoku

Thus the new aid presented/displayed by periodic "the world" is called. Of 2 respectively sabado Monday to sudokus of facil and dificil level with a prize of 300 and 600 euros will publish.

Every Sunday with the supplement magazine 2 are published sudokus killer, very entertained and exasperating a modality of sudoku, of easy and hard level whose prizes are of 500 and 1500 euros respectively.

To part of those daily aids playstation is a weekly drawing for all the participants of 3 consoles portable (psp).

For more information the world goes to the page Web on sudoku of newspaper "El mundo" click here.

Periodic Sudoku Aid Information

The periodic "Informacion" sends from Monday 3 of October to the 31 of December an aid sponsored by household-electric Expert. Daily they will publish a Sudoku and will be necessary to send the solution before 24 hours. In order to send the solution it will have three routes:

1 . Through, filling up a form with the personal data of contact and the result of the SUDOKU of the day.

2 . Sending a SMS to the 7775 with the text "EXPERT(espacio)An?Bn?Cn?". Cost for the user: 1,20 Euros + IVA

3 . By telephone calling to the 905,44,50,45 maximum Cost for the user: 0,87 Euros/called from a telephone fijo.1,86 ?/call IVA including from a movable telephone.

There will be two prizes:

1. WEEKLY AID: 1 reproducer of MP3 2 will be drawn for to every week.
2. MONTHLY AID: One will draw for to every month two videconsolas SONY PSP.

The solution through 2 routes will be able to be consulted:

1. INFORMATION will publish during the following week to the drawing the winner of this game.

2. In the direction will have a consultation section of the winners during the period that lasts the aid.

More information to go to the page of the aid: Concurso SUDOKU Periódico Información.

Firtst Sudoku Championship of SPAIN

The newspaper "el mundo" promotes the first championship of Spain of sudoku. The prize for the finalist is a car. The finalists will be selected between the offerers of "el mundo". A soon as posible we will extend the information on the championship.

Desafio Sudoku

Thus the new aid presented/displayed by periodic "el mundo" is called. Of 2 respectively sabado Monday to sudokus of easy and hard level with a prize of 300 and 600 euros will publish.

Every Sunday with the supplement magazine 2 are published sudokus to killer, very entertained and exasperating a modality of sudoku, of easy and hard level whose prizes are of 500 and 1500 euros respectively.

To part of those daily aids playstation is a weekly drawing for all the participants of 3 consoles portable (psp).

Sudokus different

If you thought that sudokus finished with filling up of simple maera the 81 squares of the pastime, very you were mistaken. If you already think that sudokus of newspapers and the magazines is too easy for you, here we presented/displayed "others to you" sudokus surely that interests to you.


Here appears the aids to make money with this pastime. Some newspapers online organize them:

In Spain the newspaper el mundo organizes the Sudoku Sudoku del Verano in which daily prizes in metalico of between 300 and 1000 euros can be won. Between all the participants a drawing from a trip to Japan for two people is made.

Also the newspaper Ingles Times organizes an aid in whom they are possible to be gotten to gain 1000 pounds. .