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In the section Web of new features they are all the contests on sudokus that there is by Internet, television and press.


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How to play:

If you are of the people who todavia you do not know because people destroy her neurons finishing these pastimes pasate by the section How to play?


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Version: 1.0
(September 2005)

Welcome to!

This Web it has the intention to approach the million internauts of Hispanic speech of the east network pastime that brings of head to thousands of people in the world. A set of cells that cause that but of one it is thrown of the hairs after trying to solve it and to remain halfway.

In the different sections from menu lateral of the Web Sudoke information can obtain me on this addictive pastime. New features on sudoku and their diverse variants, instructions to learn like playing, unloadings, books on sudoku and connections in Castilian and other languages on this new pastime.

Next the content of the sections of Sudoke is explained here. We hoped that with his visit it can learn and disfrutir of this new pastime.

News Features

In this section all the aids would apareceran of gradual way on sudoku that there is by Internet, television and he presses written.

To part of the aids in this section sudoku will be able to be consulted all the possible variants of the pastime [ to see variants ] that they have been made on the game. Some of the variants very peculiar and are simultaneously entertained, whereas others can make lose the head to but of an internaut.

How to play?

Here it will be able to learn from 0 to fill up this pastime without it loses the patience. Are you ready?

Play on line!

In this section it will be able to enjoy from its screen sudoku. We recommended to him that it tries to rest every certain time and that does not concentrate the Vista too much time on the same point. And after the received advice...let's play!!

Sudoku Daily

If you want to play sudoku tihs web is your site. At this section will appear a daily classic sudoku to solve at yor computer or from you want. visit section

Sudoku Killer Daily

A new different puzzle sudoku woth adds of theirs cells. At this section will appear a daily killer sudoku (links) of pages at internet that provide killer sudokus. We hope you will finish them. If you cant solve these go to "Solve online!" section wher is killer sudoku solver. visit section

Sudoku Samurai Daily

Wtih this type of sudoku we have 5 sudokus in one. At this section will appear a daoily link of sudokus samurais (gattai - 5) for solving at computer or from where you want. visit section

Kakuro Daily

A new pastime that consist of sudoku and sudoku killer. Here will appear. We hope you get here you want. visit section

Solve on line!

Here will appear web pages that have solvers online for the diferents sudoku variations of sudokus (sudoku solver / sudoku solvers). visit section


Here it will be able to unload sudokus in format pdf later to print them and to fill up them with lapiz or ball-point pen. Also we have unloadable software to generate sudokus and to be able to solve them in the case in that we do not know to reach the final solution. If it wants to see the downloads press here.


It wants to be able to continue making his pastimes in any place. Happen through this section to ask for his book.


SIf it wants to send something to us related to sudoku this section accedes. For it press here.