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In the section Web of new features they are all the contests on sudokus that there is by Internet, television and press.


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BrainBashers Sudoku
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Web Sudoku
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How to play:

If you are of the people who todavia you do not know because people destroy her neurons finishing these pastimes pasate by the section How to play?


- Websudoku
- Sudoku Fun
- Sudoku Puzzles

Version: 1.0
(September 2005)


From this section the unloading of sudokus can be made to print them and to be able to make them with lapiz and rough draft:P. Also software can here be unloaded to play sudoku from any electronics (PC, MAC. PDA, Movil, PSP).

Sudokus to bore (download):

Here is a great amount to you of sudokus of different levels. You have a lot of sudokus to make... In case of not being able to solve them you can go to the section to solve online and get right away the solution.

Easy level
40 sudoku with solution
98 sudoku jpg
98 sudoku pdf

Intermediate level
36 sudoku with solution
98 sudoku jpg
98 sudoku pdf

Hard level
16 sudoku with solution
98 sudoku jpg
98 sudoku pdf

Profesional level
8 sudoku with solution
98 sudoku jpg
98 sudoku pdf

Linkss obteined from

Sudoku for print:

Here is hung in format pdf so that it is to unload to print and ready a pile of sudokus. As we are receiving yours sudokus and connections of sudokus we will be them publishing.

Sudoku 1
Sudoku 2
Sudoku 3
Sudoku 4
Sudoku 5
Sudoku 6
Sudoku 7
Sudoku 8
Sudoku 9
Sudoku 10
Sudoku 11
more sudoskus...

If you cannot visualize sudokus you must install Acrobat Reader.

Sudoku for PC (Windows):

All the programs of sudokus freeware, shareware, of payment, open source, etc... they will be hanging here so that you can download them and to prove them. There are games that the pain deserves to download them. To throw an eye to him.

Sudoku Jes 1.4
Simple Sudoku 3.7e
Simple Sudoku (free)
Sudoku Susser (free)
SuDoku (free)
Sudoku Solver (free)
Soduko Solver (free)
Su Doku Puzzler (free) (.NET)
Pappocom Sudoku ($)
Sudoku ($)
SadMan Sudoku ($)
The Sudoku Challenge ($)

Sudoku for Mac

Aqui are other programs that podran to usuar the Macintosh users. There are no so many as for PC but the visual aspect of some is better.

MacSudoku 2.1.1
Sudoku Companion 1.2
Sudoku Fun 1.1
Sudoku Susser 1.2.6
Sudoku Fun Widget (free)
Sudoku Susser (free)
MacSudoku 2.1 ($)

Sudoku for Linux:

For all the linux users... a pair of programs so that they see that we have not forgotten them.

Sudoku Susser (free)
SuDoku (free)

Sudoku for PDA

They do not podian to lack the PDA users (digital personal Assistant). We have 4 games in downloading so far.

BSoduko 1.2
SuDoku (Numberz) 2.0
Sudoku PPC
Mastersoft SuDoku

Sudoku for Mobile

In order to be able to play with your movil in the meter, the train, the bus... Where your you want.

Sudoku 1.1 (S60)
Mobile Sudoku Solver for J2ME
SudokuVol10 SuDoku Pocket PC (free)
Sudoku Symbian/PC (free)
Astraware Sudoku for Palm ($)
Sudoku Fun Symbian ($)
Puzzler Sudoku for phones ($)

Sudoku for PSP

And for the new portable console of the Japanese company Sony a pair of games PSP. if you do not know this conosola completes generation I recommend to you that you visit the vestibule in Spanish on

PSP Sudoko Puzzle